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What We Do

Rape Crisis Services

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (S.A.N.E.)

Help for Rape & Sexual Assault

A 24 hour hotline for survivors: (845) 628-2166

  • Individual and group counseling for victims/survivors and families
  • Sexual assault survivor support groups
  • Specially trained advocates to assist victims through the exam and trauma 
  • Specially trained nurses and medical personnel to provide compassionate medical examinations
  • Survivor advocacy with law enforcement and the legal system

Help for Sex Rape & Sex Assault Brochure

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (S.A.N.E.) Program 

The SANE program provides specially trained Rape Crisis Advocates to assist and support victims of rape and/or sexual assault. They include nurses and other specially trained personnel that provide compassionate, individualized care to victims of rape and/or sexual assault while gathering the forensic evidence vital to law enforcement and prosecution.

The program provides specific health services, education and counseling to the victim and to significant others and can offer information, referrals and options.

S.A.N.E Brochure